Latest update to the Store now lets you filter ratings by device


30, 2015


The Universal Windows Store is great, but there is no denying that the needs of the desktop and phones are different, and while an app may work great on the desktop its UI may not translate as well on the small screen or vice versa.

In the last Windows 10 store update from a few days ago Microsoft went some way to acknowledging that by allowing users to filter reviews by device they are using.image

This means if they go to the desktop store they will see a blended rating, and then also will be able to select ratings just for the PC, and when on mobile the same for mobile devices.

If there is one more feature I would like, it would be to filter reviews by the latest version, as of course with rapid updates now software can either make an app work a lot better or a lot worse.

Is there anything else on our readers wish list? Let us know below.

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