Latest look at Windows Mixed Reality shell looks amazing (video)

by Surur
March 4, 2017

Windows Mixed Reality (previously Windows Holographic) is Microsoft’s shell for navigating content when wearing VR and AR headsets, and is expected to reach the mass market this year as part of the Creators Update and a wave of cheap Mixed Reality headsets from a wide variety of Widows OEMs such as Acer.

YouTube personality Sean Og has given the shell a virtual going over in emulation mode on his PC and seems suitably impressed by the implementation.

YouTube player

The video shows one of the main differentiating features of the Windows Mixed Reality platform – the ability to access a wide range of UWP apps from inside the environment, but another surprise is being able to move outside your “home” and we can see all kinds of customization possibilities such a large world could open up.

Are our readers equally impressed?

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