Intel Unison can deliver seamless connectivity between your PCs and iOS devices

September 27, 2022

Intel has announced a new software solution to deliver seamless connectivity between your Windows PCs and phones, including iPhone models. Launched as Intel Unison, Intel’s latest software solution promises to offer a simple pairing process across operating systems.

Intel Unison is Intel’s take on Microsoft’s Phone Link. The former will allow users to connect their phones with PCs to stay updated with all the latest phone notifications right on their computers. It will also support file transfer between PCs and Android or iOS devices, which means you can now take a photo or shoot a video to seamlessly edit them on your PC. Users will also get full access to their phone’s contact lists using the new software from Intel. Making and receiving voice calls will be possible on your PC. Also, users can send and receive text messages using Intel Unison.

All these features are already available on Microsoft’s Phone Link, except that it does not support iOS devices. Phone Link is meant to connect your PCs with your Android devices. While Intel Unison has a slight edge over Phone Link, as the former supports iOS devices, the latter offers a lot better in terms of feature counts. Another major downside is that Intel’s solution only supports select Intel Evo laptops based on 12th Gen Intel Core processors from Acer, HP, and Lenovo for now. The company has promised to make it available for 13th Gen Intel Core-based designs starting early in 2023.

While Phone Link might sound better for those who use Android and a Windows PC, Intel says it will continue to add support for more form factors, functionality, and operating systems in the future to make Intel Unison better than what it is at launch.

Intel has not given us a demo of how its new software solution will seamlessly connect PCs and Android/iOS devices. But hopefully, we will hear more regarding those details from the company sooner rather than later.

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