Instagram Stories is making Snapchat’s story disappear

Instagram and Facebook are going to cause a lot of trouble for Snapchat. Facebook, the parent company of Instagram, recently brought Snapchat’s Stories feature to Instagram. The feature looks and works exactly the same on Instagram as it does on Snapchat. As suspected, Instagram is taking a lot of users away from Snapchat with its Stories feature, which is really the core part of Snapchat.

According to a new report from TechCrunchInstagram Stories is “stealing” Snapchat’s users. The report claims that Snapchat Stories saw a decrease of 15-40% following the launch of Instagram Stories which really is quite substantial. TechCrunch also acquired data from creative studio and social video analytics platform Delmondo, which claims that the average unique viewers per Snapchat Story have decreased by about 40% during the company’s research that analyzed 21,500 Snapchat Stories.

A lot of online celebrities are also being affected by the launch of Instagram Stories — for instance, one Vine “star” reported that her Snapchat Stories views fell from 150 thousand to 90 thousand between August 2016 and January 2017 which is pretty significant, especially considering the fact that her presence on other social platforms continued to grow.

Instagram Stories is going to be a serious issue for Snap Inc. (the parent company of Snapchat) which is filing for an $25 billion IPO later this week. Facebook is also bringing a Stories feature to its core platform in the coming months, along with its messaging services WhatsApp and Messenger. It’s no doubt Snapchat’s stats will continue to fall as Facebook continues to essentially rip-off Snapchat’s Stories feature on its services.

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