Huawei Tablet not Charging: 7 Solutions to Try

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We’ve all been there: you plug in your Huawei tablet, expecting it to charge, but nothing happens. It’s a frustrating situation, but don’t worry. After extensive research, I’ve compiled a list of potential solutions, starting with the most likely to work:

1. Check the Charging Port:

  • Problem: The charging port of your tablet might be blocked, moldy, corroded, or damaged.
  • Solution: Ensure the charge port is clear of any dirt or debris. Carefully use a toothpick and compressed air to clear the charging port. You can also use isopropyl alcohol soaked into a cotton swab to clean the metallic contacts inside the charge port. Ensure it’s dry and free of moisture before attempting to charge again. If the port is damaged, consider visiting an authorized Huawei Customer Service Center.

2. Charger and Cable Issues:

  • Problem: The charger or USB charging cable might be faulty or damaged.
  • Solution: Try using a different charger and USB cable that you know works on other devices. Also, consider plugging the charger directly into the wall or into a different outlet.

3. Battery Overdischarge:

  • Problem: If your device hasn’t been used for a long time or hasn’t been charged after being powered off due to a low battery, the battery might overdischarge.
  • Solution: Charge your device for at least 30 minutes and then check whether it’s charging successfully.

4. Device Temperature:

  • Problem: Your device may charge slowly or not at all if the temperature falls below 10?.
  • Solution: Move to a warmer environment before charging.

5. Tablet’s Charge Port Issues:

  • Problem: The tablet’s charge port might be dirty or contain moisture.
  • Solution: Make sure the charge port is clear and clean. Ensure it’s properly dry and free of moisture before attempting to charge the tablet again.

6. Tablet Freezing or Software Issues:

  • Problem: The tablet might have frozen or there could be an issue with the operating system.
  • Solution: Power cycle the tablet by holding down the power button for up to one minute. If this doesn’t work, consider performing a factory reset. However, this will erase all your data, so ensure you have a backup.

7. Third-Party Software Issues:

  • Problem: Some third-party software might cause charging issues.
  • Solution: Consider using third-party Android unbricking tools that can reportedly fix tablets which no longer charge properly. Always ensure the software is from a reputable source.

8. Seek Professional Help:

If none of the above solutions work, it might be time to visit a repair shop or return the tablet to the manufacturer if it’s still under warranty.

Remember, always handle your devices with care and ensure you’re using the right accessories to avoid such issues in the future.