HTC HD2 vs iPhone 3GS – PhoneArena’s take


29, 2009

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Last time we posted an iPhone 3GS vs HTC HD2 article is was from a small, lesser-known publication.  This time we have PhoneArena’s take on this question, and while they take the cop out route of saying they are both great devices, by our score the HTC HD2 comes out pretty far ahead.


PhoneArena calls the design a draw, with the HTC HD2 being compact for its massive screen.


Calling the HTC HD2’s user interface more modern and the iPhone’s dated, PhoneArena calls it a draw, but I think we know better.


The HTC HD2 has a dedicated messaging tab with an elegant preview interface, while PhoneArena judges the iPhone’s client to be “clumsy”.


PhoneArena prefers the iPhone keyboard, calling the HD2’s screen too sensitive and the keyboard cramped (due to too many keys).


Here the iPhone leads when it comes to games and such entertainment apps, but as can be seen in the multimedia section, the platform still lacks in important areas such as a strong 3rd party media player like Core Player.

Camera and video

Here PhoneArena rightly crowns the HD2 the winner, due to the presence of the flash, which allows pictures to be taken in complete darkness. They also call the HTC HD2’s VGA quality videos more detailed.

HTC HD2 camera in complete darknessiPhone 3GS camera in complete darkness


Here again the HD2 wins due to its larger screen and the ability to add 3rd party codec support using an app such as Coreplayer


The larger, higher resolution screen again helps the HD2 to run away with this category.

Call Quality

PhoneArena calls this a drawn, but if this is the case, the HD2 wins on interesting call management touches such as being able to mute a ring by turning the device over, having the call automatically be louder in your pocket and go quieter when you pick it up and being able to turn it into a speaker phone just by turning it over during a call.

Battery Life

PhoneArena calls this a draw, with both devices needing daily charging. Of course here again the HTC HD2 scores by having a removable battery and extended battery option.

By our count the HTC HD2 wins 7, the iPhone 2 and with one draw. Of course ultimately which device one chooses depends on how one weighs each area, but the HD2 seems to have quite a bit going for it.

Read PhoneArena’s detailed comparison here.

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