How to download your email data from Gmail and Outlook


24, 2018

Many of us have decades of our digital lives stored away on Microsoft’s and Google’s servers via Gmail and Outlook. Both firms offer you an easy, user-friendly way to download all of them – granted it may take a while if you have a massive batch of email.

How to export your email data from Gmail.

  1. Go to your Google account on, this is Google’s account dashboard that provides you with access to all your data on the service.
  2. Go to Data and Personalisation on the left panel.
  3. Once there, head to ‘Download, delete or make a plan for your data’
  4. Click on download your data.
  5. Once there, you can export your data. Now, Google allows you o export literally everything. If you want email only, you’ll need to deselect everything that’s not Gmail.
  6. Select how you want your data to be delivered. Google will either generate a link via Email, a folder in Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive once you configure it.
  7. In a few minutes to hours (Depending on how much data you have), you’ll have your email data to do with as you wish.

How to export your email data on Outlook.

  1. In the Outlook Web App, navigate to Settings > General > Privacy and Data
  2. Under Privacy and Data, click on Export Mailbox. You don’t have the same flexibility as you do with Google on how you receive your mailbox data, but Microsoft assures users that they will get it in four days max.
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