How to Check Your Kid’s Location with Wondershare FamiSafe

July 21, 2022


The use of technology is rising every day, and the internet is taking over the world by storm. These changes are affecting people of all ages. The young generation, in particular, is adopting technology and new ways of living, and because of this, their life has become a lot more social.

All these modern changes have made parenting even more challenging. To keep track of your children’s location, this article is introducing a better way; FamiSafe. Read the article to get a better idea about the application and all the fantastic services it has got in store for you.

Part 1: Reasons Why You Should Keep a Check on your Kid’s Location

Before discussing the free phone tracker, let’s first talk about the reasons one needs to keep track of their kids.

1. Going to Club Parties

Going out and spending time with friends is a good habit, but club parties can negatively impact teenage kids. The clubs and bars are filled with drinks, and people usually go to places like these to sell drugs. Drug addiction at an early age can ruin your kid’s life forever.

Club parties are a threat to your kids, and it is important to stop them from attending such gatherings. In this way, an app that can track your child’s location at all times can work wonders for you.

2. Out of City

Kids these days want freedom and space, and it’s essential to give space in any relationship. It’s okay for the kids to go out and spend their time with friends, but you cannot simply leave them be.

Your kid might tell you he is in the neighborhood, but he might be sitting in another city without telling you. Being away from home can be very dangerous, and to keep your kids safe, you need to be sure that they are near you.

3. Meeting Wrong People

Your company always has a very deep impact on you, whether it’s good or bad. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to take care of your child’s company. If they are adopting a bad company, it will affect their study and personal life or even cause some serious life-threatening trouble.

Having good friends and company makes one a better person with high morale and good habits. To ensure your kids are in safe hands, you must check their whereabouts more often.

4. Bunking School/College

Everyone feels like skipping class at some point but making it a habit is not adequate. Bunking school is the first step to ruining your career. It can significantly affect the grades because if you don’t understand the topic, you cannot get good marks in it.

If you want your children to stand out at school and study hard, then make sure they attend school. Keeping an eye on them beforehand is a wise thing.

5. Doing Racing

Boys grow up watching racing cars, and they naturally develop a passion for racing and other thrilling activities. Racing is a fun sport, but it’s also very dangerous, especially for a kid. You can get seriously injured or even die by a slight mistake.

Kids should not play these types of games. To keep them safe from accidents, you should keep an eye on them and advise them from time to time to avoid rush driving.

Part 2: Wondershare FamiSafe – The Excellent Parental Monitoring App

FamiSafe is the all-in-one solution for your worries regarding children. This app is designed to protect your kids by keeping them tabs on them. With this app, you can check the location of your kids anytime you want and get notified in case they have left the safe zone. Spending more time with kids can become challenging to manage when you’re a working parent, but it doesn’t mean you cannot look after your kids.

This app provides daily activity reports about the kids, so you know what they are up to. You can check their phone activity and screen time and block or restrict certain apps. In short, it is a complete package deal for you if you’re a parent and want to take care of your child.

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Part 3: Brilliant Features of Wondershare FamiSafe for Keeping a Check on Kid’s Location

Are you looking for an app providing all types of location features required by a parent to keep a check on a kid’s location? Take a look at some unique features of FamiSafe that allow you to keep tabs on your kids wherever they are:

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1. Location History

This app allows you to view the history of your child’s location. Instead of thinking about where your child has been the whole day, you can just look at their location history. Now you can know where they were yesterday night when they came in late. You can examine your child’s location history to see where they go frequently and look after them if they are not on the right track.

2. Geofences

To make sure your child is attending school and staying at a safe place, you can set a geofence location. This feature allows you to mark a safe territory for your kids, and if they come out of it, you will be immediately informed. Say you have added “School” as a geofence; you can set a time for the location (8 AM – 1 PM) and get notified if the kid comes out before time. This type of feature is incredibly helpful if you want to know about the activities of your kid.

3. Real-Time Location

FamiSafe doesn’t only provide you the location history, but you check the real-time location of your child as well. This free phone tracker gives you the precise location, so now, instead of texting your kids and getting worried at home, you can simply check your phone to see where they are. You can always go behind your kids and check if they are safe when you have their location.

4. Driving Report

Permitting your kids to drive boosts their confidence and gives them a sense of freedom. However, even if they are good at driving, you’re bound to worry about them as a parent. You can certainly not follow them everywhere and see if they are driving well. To help you in this complicated situation, FamiSafe offers driving reports so you can check how is your kids driving and where they are headed at all times.


When you become a parent, you take responsibility for someone for a lifetime. To ensure their safety, you must take some measures to protect them. Every parent worries about their child, but in today’s fast-paced world, it is hard to keep track of anything. This article reviews a parental control app that meets the modern needs of parents and keeps the kids safe.

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