High profile Windows Phone developer complains of “ridiculous restrictions Android and iOS don’t have”


Daniel Gary of Itsdagram fame has taken to twitter to complain about the Windows Phone security model, which he says is holding back developers.

He notes Windows Phone has “ridiculous restrictions Android and iOS don’t have” such as being able to constantly run background services and send SMS messages and said “a huge pool of extremely talented devs for MS platforms” were having their hands tied “with regards to what they can do to WP.”

The Windows Phone security model is of course a 180 degree shift from the Windows Mobile one, which gave developers free rein on the operating system. Windows Phone was developed when it appeared iOS, which is of course very tightly managed, was going to take over the smartphone world, when in the end the much more relaxed Android OS is now the clear leading mobile OS.

While Daniel’s rant may appear misplaced, given concerns such as stability, security from malware and battery life, I think it is debatable that a closed OS could ever take the role as a general purpose operating system suitable 99% of uses. We can see some appreciation by Microsoft of this in Windows Phone 8.1, and every new iteration of the operating system has been more open and less restricted than the last.

Do our readers agree that Microsoft needs to let developers run free on Windows Phone, or do you appreciate your well managed and secure operating system?

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