Here’s when Microsoft’s Build 2017 keynotes start in your timezone

Microsoft’s big developer conference starts today. The company’s annual developer conference is happening in Seattle this year, and there will be two keynotes as per usual. The keynote on Day 1 starts at 8:00 AM in Seattle, where Microsoft is expected to announce a lot of Azure-related things, allowing with some AI-related announcements. On day 2, the keynote starts at 8:30 AM in Seattle — and this is when the company is expected to introduce all the good stuff, including the upcoming upgrade for Windows 10, Mixed Reality, and more.

But what time does the event start on your timezone? The day 1 keynote starts at 15:00 GMT, while the Day 2 keynote starts at 15:30 GMT. In case you want the exact time depending on your city, you can find out when Build 2017’s day 1 keynote starts in your time zone here, and Day 2 here. 

And you will be able to catch the live stream right here. 

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