Here’s how you can stop Microsoft Edge from sending browser usage info to Microsoft

Microsoft has been working hard on improving the Chromium-based Edge and is aiming for a public release soon. However, the browser is currently in beta and is a part of the Insider program which means that Microsoft is collecting data to improve the browser.

The Chromium-based Edge installer currently comes with an option to send usage and browsing data to Microsoft and is selected by default. This is not a new thing for pre-released softwares but if you’re uncomfortable with Microsoft going through your browsing activities then here’s how you can disable it.

  • Click on Edge hamburger menu (…)>Settings
  • Click on Privacy and Services, and turn off the following settings
    • Send data about how you use the browser
    • Send info about websites you visit to Microsoft

Alternatively, you can also uncheck the setting when installing the browser for the first time. Microsoft clearly mentions that it will collect data about “how you use your browser and websites you visit”. Microsoft is certainly not the only company collecting data about the user’s browsing activities. It’s a pretty normal thing for pre-release softwares as companies use the data to improve the product for the public rollout. However, if you’re not comfortable with sharing your browsing activities then you can certainly turn it off.

Via: Techdows