Duplex, Google’s AI-powered feature that can call businesses and book appointments for you, was released last year.  Now, In time for this years I/O, Google have revealed a virtual customer service agent, that can automatically handle inbound calls for small businesses.

CallJoy answers the customer with a custom message, and offers basic information such as operating hours etc.  If the pre-recorded messages don’t cover the customer’s query, CallJoy will send a URL with the answer via text.

The intelligent software will also filter out unwanted spam calls.  If the customer needs to talk to someone, or if they call from a landline, the customer will be put through to a business phone.

Calls will be recorded and transcribed by CallJoy, so they can be easily organised and categorised for future reference.  Call volume and data returning vs new callers will also be provided.  This will minimise the job of a customer service representative much easier, allowing the company to deal with a much bigger workload.

To use the service, Google is charging $39/month per line.  Users have to select a virtual number with their own area code, and have to update their contact information to include the number.  CallJoy can only be linked to one location and one phone number too.

Check it out here:

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If you’re a small business that’s US based, and you’re interested in the software for your business; you can look into requesting early access here.