Google has added two neat features to its Google Nest smart displays.

Family Sticky Notes

Family Sticky Notes

With Family Sticky Notes, users will be able to add notes to the Hub’s screen for other family members to see. Noted can be added via voice or manually using the yellow notes card button.

Sunrise Alarms

sunrise alarms

The Sunrise Alarms feature will connect your alarm to your smart lights, and attempt to wake you by progressively brightening your bedroom lights to wake you up without noise.

If that fails however there is still a backup audible alarm.


The update also brings the ability to add the Google weather frog as an ambient background. The card, which changes in appearance depending on the weather, is available under Settings > Photo frame.


YouTube player

AndroidPolice’s demo can be seen above.


The new features are rolling out right now, so should hit your device imminently.

via XDA-Dev