Google may be working on a wireless virtual reality glass for Stadia


10, 2019

Google may be planning a new wireless virtual reality glass that will give users an immersive experience while using the streaming service. The company recently filed a new patent showcasing the progress it’d made in the VR space over the last few years.

Google’s patent showcases an HMD, short for Head Mounted Display, with advanced wireless technology. The sketch, as you can see in the below image, showcases hand controllers, radio technology, among other things. In the patented VR headset, there is also not one but two WLAN module on the back and one WPAN module on the back of the HMD.

If ever Google brings this product to the market, it will be marketed as a companion device to the Stadia and that makes perfect sense. The headsets should work with both smartphones and PCs.

In related news, the 3rd generation Google Glasses have reportedly concluded their development stage, and are now in pilot production by manufacturers. Pegatron Corporation is now working alongside Quantra Computer to supply the Google Glass product line. The 3rd generation Google Glasses will have only 30-minutes of battery life.

What do our readers think about this new VR patent from Google? Let us know in the comments below.

via: WindowsUnited

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