Google recently rolled out a new editing tool to the Google Photos app, allowing you to draw, highlight, or add text on top of your photos right from the Google Photos app. Now, Google is also working on a similar feature for Google Chrome on Android.

XDA recently spotted a screenshot editor in a recently merged commit on the Chromium Gerrit. The commit gives us information about a flag for the “Chrome Share Screenshots,” the description of which reads “Enables UI to edit and share screenshots”. This makes it clear that a screenshot editor for chrome is already in the works.

For those unaware, Google already added a screen editor in the Android 9 Pie update. Like the editor in Google Photos app, it also allows users to draw, highlight, add text on the screenshot.

The screenshot editor seems to be in the early stages of development, so it could take a while to become available to all the Chrome users on Android. Unfortunately, we don’t know whether or not this screenshot editor will be available in Chrome on iOS and computers.