Google Chrome copies Edge’s new Sharing Hub


13, 2021

Just recently Microsoft announced their new Sharing Hub for Edge, which would display a set of links to common social networks when you want to share a URL instead of bringing up the OS-native share sheet.

edge share menu

Now it appears Google will be copying the same feature for Chrome, with a new Sharing Hub which has just shown up in Edge Canary.

Like the Edge version, the hub would let you share to common networks like Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and also mail, but unlike the Edge version, there does not appear to be an extra button to open the OS-native share sheet.

To enable the new  share sheet in Chrome Canary you need to enable two flags and restart your browser:

  • chrome://flags/#sharing-hub-desktop-omnibox
  • chrome://flags/#sharing-hub-desktop-app-menu

via Techdows

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