Google brings Google Lens tech to Image search experience


25, 2018

Author Pradeep // in News

Google Lens experience is already available on Google Photos and Google Assistant. Google today announced that it is now bringing the Lens tech to Google Image search experience. With this feature, users will be able to explore more about the contents of an image. For example, if you see a photo in which someone is standing in front of a landmark, you can use Lens to know more about the landmark in the image. To use this feature, you need to tap the Lens button in Google Images, dots will appear on objects you can learn more about.

For example, you might come to Google Images looking for ideas to redecorate your living room. During your search, you come across a couch you like in an image, but you may not know what style it is or where to buy it. All you need to do is press the Lens button, then either tap on a dot on the couch, or draw around it, and Google Images will show you related information and images. From there, you can learn more about it, or find places where you might be able to buy a similar couch.

For now, the dots will appear on products and other objects Lens has identified. In the future, dots will appear in more types of images, such as landmarks, animals and plants. Lens in Images experience is now live on the mobile web for people in the U.S. searching in English. Google will roll out to more locations and languages in the coming months.

Source: Google

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