Go Ringside with Steel Champions, the Knockout New Boxing Game for Windows Phone and Xbox 360


31, 2013

Get blow-by-blow action with Steel Champions, the new first-person perspective boxing game that transforms your Windows Phone or Xbox 360 into the ultimate fighting ring. Hit the ropes as M.A.X, the robot contender who takes on three divisions and fourteen mechanical opponents in a fight for the Adamantium Championship title.

Join M.A.X and his team through round after round of android action, and boost your training between matches to unlock a bonus special punch that makes your opponents want to throw in the towel. Check out the trial version for Windows Phone or Xbox 360 indie Game, or upgrade to the full version for $0.99 and see if you have what it takes to be the next Steel Champion.

Download the free trial of Steel Champions today and fight your way to the top! Steel Champions for Windows Phone and for Xbox 360 Indie Game.

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