GitHub Desktop 2.0 released, allows you to resolve merge conflicts more easily


6, 2019

GitHub Desktop 2.0 is here and it comes with several new features to improve developer workflow. This new update allows you to resolve merge conflicts easily, comes with support for rebasing, stashing, and more. Learn more about the new features in 2.0 release below.

Stashing: In Desktop 2.0, if you’re not ready to commit your work, you can choose to bring your changes to the new branch or keep them on your current branch.

Rebasing: If you work in a repository where you don’t want those merge commits, Desktop 2.0 now supports rebasing to help you keep that commit history clean.

Improved collaboration: You can add emojis to commit messages, select a co-author of a commit just by mentioning their GitHub username, and push your work to GitHub with the suggested next step when you’re done committing.

Microsoft is also working on tightly integrating pull requests between GitHub and Desktop. You can easily open any pull request from in GitHub Desktop. You can test things out, add more commits, or take a closer look at the code on your machine during a review.

Source: GitHub

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