Game Troopers CEO accuse Microsoft of mismanaging Windows Phone

In 2014 a new game developer arrived on the scene with the mission of bringing hit iOS and Android gaming titles to Windows Phone with Xbox Live support.

“We live and breathe mobile gaming and we know how to create hits,” said Josh Segall, then CEO of Space Inch and co-founder of Game Trooper at the time. “There’s a huge amount of potential on Windows and lots of indie game developers don’t have a plan to publish their game. We solve that for them.”

Over the next few years, the company published a large library of games including popular titles such as Tiny Troopers, Age Of Cavemen, Overkill 3 or Imperia Online.

Microsoft has done a lot of bad things in Windows Phone

Of course, we know what happened to the Windows Phone platform, and Microsoft has painted its demise as an unavoidable inevitability when faced with more popular competition, ignoring of course that both iOS and Android entered a market then crowded by Symbian, Blackberry and Windows Mobile.

While many users and journalists have spoken out against this, few developers have, but Game Troopers CEO Jesus Bosch has not been as shy.

When asked about this by Spanish site he did not mince his words.

Microsoft has done a lot of bad things in Windows Phone, from an engineering point of view (with so many platforms with breaking changes) and from a commercial point of view (They have treated very loyal developers like Game Troopers and their strategy for attracting others has been wrong).

Regarding Joe Belfiore’s announcement that Microsoft would no longer focus on the development of the OS, he called it long overdue.

Your decision does not surprise me, I would add that it was time for you to be a little brave and be honest with the community (better late than never).

Like many companies, Game Troopers, previously dedicated to Windows Phone, will be looking to spend their resources elsewhere.

We will continue to release some content for Windows (PC) and some Windows Phone games could be unpublished in the coming months , but that will be more due to the low profitability of the platform than the little support it can receive. On the other hand how I say in Windows we have the following season of The Last Door and other games that will come out sooner rather than later. Also we continue to get content for other platforms like VR but at the moment we plan to enter the of Microsoft because we do not see having a distribution platform for this.

While Microsoft has admitted failure when it comes to Windows Phone, they have not admitted failing the users, developers, OEMs and Windows ecosystem, which makes it hard to know whether they have learned any lessons or not, particularly relevant when they strike out to new hardware platforms such as VR and Cortana speakers.


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