Game Review: Sudoku

Last week, Sudoku and Minesweeper was released for free as Xbox Live game titles.

Overall Score: 3/5

Although the slow load speeds and the interface is bad, the controls are alright and it’s classic Sudoku!

Gameplay: 3/5

Essentially this is just Sudoku, even though there’s those powerups and the lightning game mode where you race against the clock. The controls work well and are touch friendly, but the animations for writing a number in pencil fade in too slowly which can slow down your playing speed a little. Also, the initial load speeds of the games are way too slow, which can be frustrating. The leaderboards and achievements are cool, but unless those are actually important to you, there are better Sudoku games out there.

Presentation: 2/5

Between the slow load speeds, clunky interface, and the slow animation of the pencil numbers, the presentation isn’t too great. The panoramic metro interface simply doesn’t work with games, and it looks bad! There’s no music either. Nothing impressive about the presentation.

Lasting Value: 4/5

Sudoku is a very long lasting game, so you’ll get tons of lasting value out of this. Then, with the leaderboards, difficulty levels, achievements, powerups, lightning game mode, and more, you’ll have plenty to do.


Title: Sudoku
Price: FREE
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studio