Game Review: Spades

If you’re a fan of the card game Spades, this is the perfect FREE game for you!

Overall Score: 4/5Spades2

Jake Poznanski released yet another killer card game for Windows Phone, and it’s just like his last ones, free and polished!

Gameplay: 5/5

The game itself is Spades of course, but that card game itself isn’t really being reviewed. The execution of the game Spades is what I am reviewing. And this WP7 game called Spades nails it perfectly! The controls are spot-on, the speed of the animations are prefect, the visual design constantly helps you know which type of card to play, and the game has all the same rules as real Spades. It even has two difficulties so you can challenge yourself some more, and when you’re tired of playing with the usual rules you can switch to the Suicide mode, so you can play with a different style. The game also has a great stats counter, so you can quickly see how many games you have won/lost and more.

Presentation: 4/5

Make sure to turn the sounds on in the menu if you want to hear the sound effects. Once you have those on, the presentation is pretty solid. The animations of the cards moving, and the animations between the menu screens are elegant yet functionally speedy. And the sound effects help you tell when a card is placed or moved. However, it feels like the loading speed of this game is possibly a bit slower than the developer’s other games. But it resumes to your last card placement perfectly.

Lasting Value: 4/5

Thanks to the two gameplay modes and two difficulty settings, and the general long lasting style of Spades, the game should last you awhile. And the stats counter helps to encourage the lasting value.

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Title: Spades
Price: FREE
Publisher: Jake Poznanski

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