Game Review: NFS Hot Pursuit

WP7 Game Review: NFS Hot Pursuit (

NFS Hot Pursuit tries to bring the excellent console game to mobile phones…

Overall Score: 2/5

DON’T buy this if you actually like racing games. NFS Hot Pursuit for WP7 will likely bore you to death.

Gameplay: 1/5

In this game, you drive in a relatively straight line 95% of the time, and you never get to take hard corners or juke the cops by going left then right then left on some city side streets. There’s only ONE path in this game… forward. The formula to playing this game is to simply drive as fast as you can. If you’re the cop, you drive fast and hit the racer. If you’re the racer, you drive fast and randomly move away from the cop. However, the cop’s car will magically be faster than yours and somehow accelerate in front of you. There’s hardly any true talent or knowledge of driving a car involved in this game. You don’t even control the gas pedal of your own car. If you could drive down the streets of your choice in a city to avoid cops, this game would actually be decent.

Presentation: 3/5

The visuals are pretty good (though nothing impressive), but the sound effects are ANNOYING. All you hear is a constant police siren…. sure, that’s sort of realistic, but when we watch a movie with a cop chase, is all we hear “WHhheeee oohhhh Wheee oh whee oh”? NO. You can hardly hear your own car’s engine over the sirens, and I don’t think the game even has many ambient sounds like road noise either. You’ll want to turn your volume way down to avoid hearing their dreadful siren 24/7.

Lasting Value: 2/5

You could probably get a couple of hours of gameplay from this game. It features unlockable cars and you can play as both the cop and the racer. However, would you want to keep playing this game? Personally, I’m done with it and I never want to see it again. Give me a true racing game and I’ll be happy. This is like playing Forza with Kinect….. NO, that’s not a racing game! If you’re a super casual gamer, then maybe you will feel differently about this game.qrcode


Title: NFS Hot Pursuit
Price: $4.99
Publisher: Electronic Arts