Game Review: iBlast Moki

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iBlast Moki is an incredibly fun logic game that almost resembles Angry Birds but is way more entertaining! (Video Review)

Overall Score: 5/5iBlastMoki

This game is a must buy. The variation of levels and challenges are brilliant, and the presentation is impressive.

Gameplay: 5/5

In iBlast Moki, you try to get these little sleeping Mokis into a portal somewhere in the level. You do this by exploding bombs next to them, attaching them to balloons, or using other strategies to move them across the level. Throughout the 70 different levels in the game you get some great variation. One entire stage of levels is set underwater, so the Mokis defy gravity and float upwards. Other stages add new elements like balloons or moveable platforms. In one level, you actually have to create a bridge out of two sticks and a number of ropes! The controls always work perfectly and are incredibly accurate. Navigating through the level selector can be tricky because of how the controls respond to your touch in that instance, but you barely spend time in the menu, so that doesn’t really matter. The variation of puzzling challenges found in this game is fabulous.

Presentation: 5/5

The visuals are simple but look pretty impressive. As an extra visual effect, levels have snow, dust, or other particles floating in front of the level, which add a slight sense of depth to the game. But what really stands out is the music. The soundtrack fits the game perfectly and…. just watch the video review to hear the music. The sound effects are also nice.

Lasting Value: 4/5

The game will last between two and three hours depending on how good you are at solving the puzzles. Then, you can go back and replay levels that you didn’t get gold medals on. Thankfully, when you return to an old level, it remembers where you had bombs/balloons/etc placed, so you don’t have to start from fresh again. To get gold medals, you have to collect all the flowers in the level and complete the level in a fast enough time, so there’s a good chance you will have plenty of levels to retry.

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Title: iBlast Moki
Price: $2.99
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios

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