Freda Ebook Reader Update

January 6, 2011

Freda, the free ebook reader for Windows Phone 7, has been updated on Marketplace. The program reads EPUB (DRM-free), HTML and TXT format books. It offers customisable controls, fonts and colours, plus annotations and bookmarks. Freda can download books from on-line catalogs like Feedbooks, Smashwords and the Gutenberg Project (and any other catalog that is available in OPDS format). Or if you have an existing book collection, you can use DropBox or Calibre to share it with your phone. Freda can also download books from any website, using an in-application web-browser.

Up to twenty books can be downloaded and kept locally on your phone, so you can carry on reading when you don’t have network connectivity.

The new version, 1.7, provides these new features:

– download books from your private DropBox folder
– download books from any website, using the in-application web-browser
– ‘pin’ books to your bookshelf to ensure they’re available for off-line reading
– access password-protected Calibre catalogs (and any other catalog that requires Digest Authentication)
– improved look-and-feel, performance and stability

The app is still free – so download it now, and enjoy thousands of free books on-line.

Coming shortly on Marketplace will be an additional version of the program, ‘freda-chinese’, which supports reading using Traditional and Simplified Chinese character-sets. It is the same program except that, because of the need to add Chinese font data, it is a much larger install.

See the manual at or find it in Marketplace here.

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