First Surface Duo benchmarks impress

by Surur
August 20, 2020
Surface Duo

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One of the big hits against the Surface Duo was the fact that it used last year’s processor.  The Snapdragon 855 is however last year’s flagship processor, and it seems Microsoft has done a good job optimising it.

The first benchmarks for the device have now shown up on Geekbench and have shown quite competitive results.

At 762 for Single Core and 2867 for multi-core,  the numbers are better than the 751 single-core and 2137 multi-core score for last year’s Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G, which just happens to be my phone and no slouch, even today.

It is also better than the Exynos version of the Note 20 Ultra 5G (532 single, 2659 multi), for which people will be paying around the same price.

The Microsoft Surface Duo is already on pre-order and will be hitting shelves on the 10th September. Have these numbers assuaged some of the concerns of our readers? Let us know below.

via WindowsLatest

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