First All-electric Aircraft, Eviation Alice, To Fly in 2022

February 4, 2022
Eviation Alice website
The Eviation Alice

Despite the testing delay in December last year due to poor weather conditions in the Pacific Northwest, the engine test of Alice was finally conducted. Its success was witnessed at Arlington Municipal Airpor north of Seattle and is now being prepared for its first flight this year.

According to the Israeli aircraft company, Eviation, the commuter aircraft version of Alice has a one-hour capacity to stay in flight. It also leaves less carbon footprint while boasting 440 nm max range, 250 kts max cruise speed, 2,500 lbs max payload, and a 9-passenger capacity. 

Eviation has also developed two other variants made for specific purposes. These are the cargo Alice type that can hold 450 cubic feet of volume and the executive Alice aircraft with only six seats for passengers to highlight comfortable traveling. And although all the Alice variants can only fly for an hour, Eviation stressed that it can make regional travels more sustainable and affordable.

With the things said, Alice didn’t fail to find its first buyer in CapeAir. Deutsche Post also ordered 12 Alice aircraft to support Eviation’s mission to further reduce the carbon footprint production in the cargo transport industry. According to Deutsche Post, the dozen of Alice airplanes will be used by DHL to transport cargo as soon as they are delivered in 2024.

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