Best Final Round AI Alternative in 2024 [6 Apps & Sites]

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Best Final Round AI Alternative

Final Round AI can easily prepare you for a job interview, but its alternatives have something to offer too.

So, I went hunting for similar tools that could match and even outperform it. Interested to see what I found? Let’s go.

What is Final Round AI?

Final Round AI helps job seekers prepare for job searching and the recruitment process. It provides personalized mock interviews, where users can practice by answering questions from an AI interviewer.

It gives you feedback on your performance, including suggestions for improvement, so you can identify areas where you can strengthen your interviewing skills. It also helps craft compelling AI resumes and cover letters with personalized tips to tailor your application to specific jobs and companies.

Final Round stands out with real-time AI support, allowing you to focus on your answers while the AI transcribes the interviewer’s questions and analyzes their sentiment, providing key cues to steer your responses.

You can test it for 5 minutes for free, while premium plans start at $99 a month.

However, it’s not for everyone, so I tested other tools to see if they do it better or excel in different areas.

How to choose the best Final Round AI alternative?

Choosing the best Final Round AI alternative will depend on your specific needs. Some things to look out for are:

  • Tailored resume, CV, and cover letter generation.
  • Common interview questions library for different industries.
  • Realistic mock interviews with real-time support.
  • Useful feedback to improve your responses.
  • Integration with job boards like Indeed or LinkedIn.
  • Confidence and body language coaching.
  • Salary negotiation assistance.
  • Affordable pricing.

Best 6 Final Round AI Alternatives

After testing loads of Final Round AI alternatives, I narrowed down 6 contenders that you should definitely check out.

1. Huru AI – best mobile app

Huru AI

Huru has a web interface and mobile app for Android and iOS, which makes it more versatile than Final Round’s web-only app.

You choose an industry or job offer from the popular job boards and it tailors the experience to that role. Next, you answer relevant interview questions and receive AI-powered feedback about your answers and even your speech, so you can improve.

It offers unlimited interviews for an affordable $9.99 a month, so you can fine-tune your answers and technique before the real day comes. Try it for free before committing to a subscription.


  • User-friendly interface across platforms
  • Unlimited interview prep on the premium plan
  • Records interviews for feedback on speech
  • Integrated with LinkedIn, indeed, Monster, and other job boards


  • Lacks resume or application support
  • Lacks real-time AI response support

2. Big Interview – most feature-rich

Big Interview - best Final Round AI alternative

Big Interview is a comprehensive platform that closely rivals Final Round in terms of features. This includes mock interviews, training lessons, a resume builder, and tips on how to find better jobs. Its bank of questions and tips covers more than 1,000 job roles.

It’s much more advanced than other alternatives, with features like handling mock confrontational interviewers or unpredictable questions.

Pricing starts at $39 a month, while lifetime access is a $299 lump sum.


  • Full mock video interviews
  • Endless guides and course materials
  • The perfect mix of AI and expert information


  • Not the easiest to navigate
  • No mobile app
  • Not for those on a budget

3. Interviews By AI – best free plan

Interviews By AI

This basic web-based service takes your job description and uses AI to generate interview questions, which are simulated in audio. You can try it for free with a two-minute recording, and once signed up, you get three free questions a month.

For unlimited access, it’s just $9 a month.

InterviewsBy AI provides instant feedback after the mock interview, along with a series of sample responses that you can learn from. While your answers are transcribed and saved, the audio files are deleted immediately for privacy reasons.


  • Try for free immediately on the homepage
  • Unlimited questions with the premium plan
  • Get multiple sample responses


  • Not as advanced as other alternatives
  • Lacks resume or application support
  • Only provides feedback at the end

4. Interview Prep AI – easiest to use

Interview Prep AI

The simple Interview Prep AI platform is web-based and allows you to upload your CV or resume and input your chosen job role. This generates relevant interview questions for a realistic AI interview. Get instant feedback at the end and practice as many times as you need to get it right.

Interviews are logged in audio and as a chat log. The feedback includes a list of strengths and weaknesses, along with an overall summary. You can apply this to your next practice or take the advice when you’re ready for the real thing.

One simulated interview is available for free, with premium plans starting at $10.82 a month, which is much cheaper than Final Round.


  • Tailored to your CV and job role
  • Unlimited AI practice sessions
  • Try one interview for free


  • No mobile app
  • Lacks resume or application support
  • Only provides feedback at the end

5. InterviewBit – best for tech and coding jobs


The InterviewBit platform is a great Final Round AI alternative for those in the tech and coding fields.

It offers a range of coding challenges, data structure and algorithm problems, and other resources to help candidates practice and improve their technical skills. You get personalized feedback and can compare your progress with other users, which can help you identify areas of improvement.

It’s designed to mimic the types of questions you might encounter at top-flight companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Facebook.

Instead of using AI, mock interviews match you with another user based on your skills and preferences. You then interview each other with questions and answers provided by InterviewBit, which then gives the feedback.

Single courses are $59/mo, while the full platform is $99/mo. You can also try it for free with a limited number of questions.


  • Tailored for tech roles
  • Vibrant community with lots of resources
  • Mock interviews with real people in the same field


  • Not AI-based
  • Not suitable for non-tech or coding professions

6. HireVue – best for recruiters


Unlike the other solutions, HireVue is primarily aimed at recruiters, not job seekers, but it does provide tools for mock interviews as part of its plans.

You must use the OnDemand interview feature and then open the practice mode. This gives you the chance to get used to the process of using a mic and webcam for remote interviews and digital assessments.

The platform also uses AI to analyze your responses and provide hiring managers with insights about your skills and potential fit for the role.

HireVue is available on desktop and as a plugin for all common browsers.


  • Full video, audio, and text interviews
  • Practice questions
  • Demo available


  • Aimed at recruiters, not job seekers
  • Enterprise-level pricing

Final Thoughts

The best Final Round AI alternative depends on your budget and needs. Big Interview is the closest option and also costs less. Those in tech will have better success with InterviewBit, while Huru is the best on mobile.

Whatever you choose, the power of AI is making it easier than ever to land your dream job!

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