Facebook has been working hard on their Messenger app for the desktop and is regularly adding new features.

Today the company released a major update for the Beta app which removes its Electron foundation and lofts it over onto a new React Native platform.

The update, which takes the app to 1320.11.119.0, has the following improvements, according to WBI.

  • New app – The Messenger application for Windows 10 and Windows 11 has been rewritten by Facebook: it now uses many native UWP controls, is faster and more optimized in the use of resources.
  • The app has been rewritten in React Native, before it was made with Electron.
  • Moving to a more native solution has increased application performance and system resource consumption.
  • Messenger now uses native controls typical of the Windows GUI instead of using custom solutions.
  • The application now weighs 100 MB less than the old version.
  • Bug fixes and various improvements.

The updated app can be found in the Store here.

Messenger (Beta)
Messenger (Beta)
Developer: ‪Facebook Inc‬
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