Drive On- Another Voice turn by turn GPS navigation app

do1 do2 do3

We have waited a long time, but apps with voice turn by turn GPS navigation are finally coming to Marketplace.

We had Silver Navigator about 2 weeks ago (which in real life works pretty well) and now we have Drive On, which is another free voice-aided turn by turn navigation app.

The app features:

  • Turn-by-Turn Voice Activated Navigation over map or directions view.
  • Automatically recalculates the route and shows new directions when you get off course.
  • Displays current speed, estimated time and distance to reach Destination.
  • Get directions from your current location, or by entering any Address or Geo Coordinates.
  • Create Favorite places & directions.
  • Drive On automatically saves previous directions for future selection.
  • Search businesses, gas stations, restaurants and other points of interest around you and navigate-to or save to favorites.
  • Pin your cars parking location to favorite and easily find it.
  • Pin or Navigate-to your Favorites from current location.
  • No extra plan is required to browse your map and navigate to your destination.
  • Saved and Favorite Directions can be Navigated to even when phone is offline.
  • Speedometer

Drive on can be found in Marketplace here and NuTech are accepting support requests via email at