It’s been more than three years since Microsoft released its first laptop and the company has gained a lot of praise for delivering a reliable Windows laptop, something that Windows users have been asking for a very long time. Microsoft’s first-generation Surface Laptop was an instant hit and that’s a solid reason for Microsoft to continue to make laptops and make even better ones — that’s exactly what it did with Surface Laptop 2 and the recently-released Laptop 3.

The surface Laptop is known for its clean design, reliability, simplicity, and performance. You also get to enjoy beautiful wallpapers, though you won’t buy a laptop just because it offers beautiful wallpapers as you can always download them from the internet. Speaking of wallpapers, you can download all Surface wallpapers from the internet, even the ones that Microsoft didn’t release!

You can now download the unreleased wallpapers of Surface Laptop 1 from here. These are beautiful wallpapers and are absolutely free, so anyone can download them and set their favorite one as wallpaper. You can check out the unreleased Surface Laptop 1 wallpapers in the gallery below.

Which wallpaper is your favorite? Are going to download these wallpapers? Let us know in the comments below?