Divinity: Original Sin is getting a sequel, but it’s not the big number 3.

Divinity: Fallen Heroes is an X-Com style tactical strategy game that occupies the same universe as Original Sin 2. As a joint project with development studio Logic Artists, Fallen Heroes will be a mid-point between the full numbered sequel.

Fallen Heroes certainly looks like a solid X-Com-like. Alongside some lavish visuals and fantastic-looking tactics gameplay, it should also offer a fantastic story. After all, the true strength of Divinity has always been narrative.

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Divinity: Fallen Heroes is set to launch on “multiple platforms” sometime this year. If you’re interested in more Divinity coverage, check out our review of Divinity: Original Sin 2.

With Xbox’s recent support for keyboard and mouse controls on console, I hope Fallen Heroes comes to Microsoft’s platform. It makes sense; offering a PC-style experience on a PC-focused game would make for an amazing time on Xbox One.