Developer Submission: Socialize up- Better way to Socialize! use Facebook, Twitter and more..

March 28, 2017

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Socialize Up, abetter way to socialize. With the support of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp and many more. Experience a truly Personalized Experience with Socialize Up. Socialize Up supports beautiful Dark Theme for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more because everyone loves Dark Theme!
Why Socialize Up? Well because, Due to increase in social media sites and services nowadays, it is very difficult to catch up everywhere. Socialize Up helps infixing itas all of your social accounts will be under one place, you don’t have to go to others apps or sites to see it again.
Make sure to try it yourself and I am sure you’ll love it or at least will like it. Just do it! Lets take a look at some of features!


Facebook have a veryclean and beautiful interface. There is a dark theme which really helps in relaxation of your eye balls. We will continue to update the UI of facebookdaily.Facebook on Mobile also look quite beautiful.
Here’s a quick lookof Facebook runningon Desktop!


Twitter which is by far my favourite social site that I really love to use look quite good too. The Dark UI helpsin making twitterlook clean and beautiful. I am currently working on adding new features in Twitter and hopefullyTweetdeck is coming too 😉
Here’s Twitter running on Desktop.
There is alsogoodUI for Whatsapp, Instagram and more in Socialize up which I hope you will love it. You can try that by yourself in Socialize up.

SplitView Page

Split View is one of favourite feature of Socialize Up. As you can see above, it really helps in managing two services at once. I can always chat on Facebook and can browse my twitter feed on the other side and vice versa. There is Splitter present in the page too which helps in adjusting the width of both sides. There is also other services present in the page other than facebook and twitter.

Well that’s it for now and also if you have any concern regarding privacy let me take a moment to make it clear, we do not collect any information about you or anything. All of the data is stored on your Device. You can always see our Privacy Policy here.

Make sure to Download and try it yourself. Maybe you will love it 😉 if you have any question make sure to mail us or Contact us on Twitter(@define_studio).



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