Classic Xbox exec Peter Moore leaves football for Unity


21, 2021

Peter Moore has made a re-entry into gaming after years of managing football clubs.

The ex-Sega, Microsoft and Electronic Arts executive has left his position as Liverpool FC CEO to join the team at Unity.

Unity, the free-to-use game engine company, has hired Moore as the head of the company’s Sports and Live Entertainment division.

“Hardly the biggest news of the day, but I’m delighted to announce that I’ve joined the incredibly-talented team at Unity3d as SVP and GM of Sports & Live Entertainment,” Moore announced on Twitter. “Delighted to be reunited with so many industry friends as we work on some really cool stuff.”

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Peter Moore’s experience in the games industry is vast. From managing SEGA of America to the launch of the original Xbox and all the way to a CCO position at EA, Moore has been an important figurehead for games.

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