Tab Groups is a great browser innovation, but the current implementation is still missing a lot of much-needed features. Today we can report that many of these features are on the way.

Leo Varela, who keeps an eye on such things, have noticed some new flags and bugs listed on the Chrome Gerrit which indicates the following new features are coming:

The ability to save the Tab groups into the bookmark mar

The ability to save the Tab groups is one of the most requested additions to this feature and Google is already working on it, yesterday a new patch was added for this purpose:

Adds a flag for TabGroupsSave which allows users to save their tab groups into their bookmarks bar.

This will be via adding a Save option to the tab group.

Synchronization of saved Tab groups

A bug suggests Google is working on letting you sync saved Tab groups.

Pin Tab Groups

Another bug suggests Google is working on the possiblity to pin the Tab groups, although we do not know if it will be in the tab strip or in the bookmarks bar.

Open a bookmark folder into a tab group

Another entry suggests when you right-clicking a bookmark folder, you should be able to open a folder into a new Tab Group.

Icons for Tab Group Labels

An issue Google is working on says Google wants to add new icons to the editor bubble

All these features are obviously currently in development, but when delivered they should finally mean Tab Groups, which is already very useful, will be a well-rounded and mature browser feature.