Sweet Jesus, Candy Crush Soda Saga is making mad money even after six years of release.

According to a new report from video game analysts Sensor Tower Store Intelligence, the match three title has earned over $2 billion of revenue. $2 billion!

It would be an understatement to call the Candy Crush title a popular video game. With 410 million downloads spread across Android and iOS devices, Candy Crush Soda Saga is an incredibly popular title amongst both casual and hardcore crowds.

Most of the insane $2 billion revenue was generated within the United States; India was also proven to be a high-revenue locale for the title. For total downloads, the USA and India are the most popular places with 68 million and 50 million downloads respectively.

“King’s pop-themed match-three—the second oldest title in its sugary Candy Crush series—is especially popular in America, having accumulated $1.1 billion (55 per cent) of its revenue in the U.S. alone,” Sensor Tower reports. “For comparison, Great Britain, which came in second place for player spending, has contributed $135 million, or just under 7 per cent, of Soda Saga’s lifetime revenue.”

“Potential competitors in the puzzle genre should keep an eye on King’s games and especially the Saga series, as – despite their age – they continue to be the champions of their genre when it comes to revenue.”