Bully 2 concept art allegedly leaks

Before we discuss Bully 2 and its concept art, let’s talk about the recent controversy Take-Two has been involved in. Recently, they sent a cease and desist order to the team making single-player mods for Grand Theft Auto V. The mods weren’t being used to hack the game or weren’t harming the community whatsoever. It seems as though Take-Two wants to start charging for this content hence they didn’t want any competition. Rockstar, the studio, actively promoted these single-player mods and it seems as though Take-Two might have burned a few bridges. Today, a leaked flooded the internet with images from Bully 2, which we believe are authentic, and promised to release concept art from Agent as well. It seems as if a disgruntled employee or someone else familiar with the project who is upset at Take-Two’s decision leaked the material.

Bully 2 has been leaked numerous times but this is the first time we’ve seen concept art from the title. Given the fact that Red Dead Redemption 2 isn’t coming out until 2018, we shouldn’t expect Bully 2 anytime soon…or Agent for that matter. The leaked art indicates an over-the-top experience which should give us even quirkier characters than the original cult classic. Hopefully Rockstar will take about it more at E3 2018.