A Borderlands 3 next-gen update is in the works for Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5.  

Unlike the current-gen console version, the Borderlands 3 next-gen port will run at a doubled framerate of 60fps on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PlayStation 5. On Series X and PS5, Borderlands 3 will also run at a full 4K resolution. Xbox Series S won’t.

All three next-gen consoles will see a boosted split-screen experience. While the current-gen console version only has two-player local multiplayer, the next-gen version will allow three or four player local splitscreen.

This Borderlands 3 next-gen update will be available for free when upgrading console families to the newer machines. All DLC and save files will be fully compatible with next-gen versions.

When we reviewed Borderlands 3 back in 2019, we said the series “trades in its heart for some fantastic shooting”.

“Borderlands 3 does technically evolve the franchise, and it is a fun time for those who know what they’re getting into. While most of the quests don’t have the motivation that you’d expect, the core gameplay is incredibly engaging. Every Vault Hunter feels fantastic to control and the world-hopping adventure leads to some gorgeous locales, but it’s not a decidedly better game than what’s come before. It’s one step forward and a juvenile step back to impress its friends. Oh, and there’s a fart at the end just for good measure.”