Sony’s recently leaked patent for what meant are calling a PlayStation 5 devkit is certainly an enthralling design for those who love game console mockups. However, after just a few days, the PS5 devkit patent is no longer just a sketch – it’s a full 3D render.

The alleged XDK, designed like some form of sci-fi horseshoe, is undeniably insane to believe. For those who haven’t seen a devkit in person, XDKs usually take fairly simple box-like forms that allow for easy stacking and the ability to just slap a monitor on top. While retail machines are designed to be engaging and attractive, a console devkit is designed to be practical.

Whatever the machine might be, Sony’s patent is certainly eye-catching. The bright blue heat exhausts – while looking weird and inefficient – stands out well and its general aesthetic appears kicked straight out of the mid-2000s.

Thanks to website LetsGoDigital, we can look at what an actual version of this design would look like. Personally, I don’t hate it – it’s not as big of a trainwreck as some of the Dualshock 4 prototypes – but I would certainly laugh if it was actually revealed. Check a look at the renders below.