Bixby 2.0 on the way 18th October

Samsung’s new voice assistant, Bixby, is much more loathed than loved, making it rather urgent that the 4-month-old service gets an upgrade to help it win over new and current users.

Prior to its release Samsung talked a big talk about how useful Bixby would be, but on its actual release, the application had very limited functionality.

Now the Korea Herald reports Samsung is set to release version 2.0 of Bixby, with significantly improved features.

Key to the improvement is 3rd party integration. Currently, Bixby shined most when it is used to change deep settings on your Android phone, such as activating Bluetooth tethering by voice.  Samsung, however, promised that Bixby would offer the same access to 3rd party applications, and according to the Korea Herald, this will be one of the main features of the improved app.

Samsung is also reportedly set to release a Bixby speaker.

The Herald reports that Samsung has drawn in extra talent to boost the endeavour, with Samsung Research America’s vice chief Chung Eui-suk now heading the service intelligence group in Korea, which is responsible for Bixby.

The upgraded version of Bixby is set to be announced at Samsung’s annual Developer Conference in San Francisco on Oct. 18.