Bethesda has released a patch for DOOM I and II on Switch that negates the login requirement

by Ash
August 16, 2019

A couple of weeks ago, Bethesda released DOOM I, II, and 3 on several platforms as a way to celebrate DOOM’s 25th anniversary.

However, players quickly became agitated upon learning that the Switch versions of the games had a mandatory ‘sign in to your account’ screen with no way of circumventing it.

Shortly after, Bethesda sent out a Tweet saying that the login requirement was intended just for the Slayers Club members, who would be rewarded for playing the classic DOOM games, and that the company was working on a fix.

That brings us to August 15th, when Bethesda announced that it had deployed a patch for DOOM and DOOM II that allows players to skip the login and that also removes a disconnect notification from gameplay.

This means that players without online access or players who don’t want to sign up for a account are now free to enjoy DOOM without being forced to log in.

Bethesda has also said that it is working on “a more permanent fix to further reduce the visibility of the optional login” but it doesn’t have a release window for that yet.

On the bright side, the original incident spawned many creative and hilarious memes about the login notification and, for a short time, the internet was united by their mutual hatred of something.

The patch for DOOM and DOOM II should be live for all Switch players.

Note: The image for this article was generated by the author using the Sierra Death Generator, which we heartily recommend checking out.

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