Beered! for Windows Phone

Beered! is now available for Windows Phone devices. It gives you access to the biggest beer database on the internet. Using Beered! you easily can find information on 26,000+ beers, 4,500+ breweries and 150+ beer styles. More importantly, you can add your favorite beer to the database, or edit one of the already existent.

Specifically Beered! gives you the ability to :

  • Find information about a beer(abv, organic status, availability, label, glassware served in, untappd ratings )
  • Find information about a brewery(social networks, years active, beers it brews)
  • Discover beer styles and find examples of each one
  • Add a beer to the database
  • Edit an existent beer
  • Generate a random beer
  • Read awesome beer facts
  • Keep track of your favorite beers, as well as the ones you’ve visited before

Beered! comes in both trial and full version.  What are you waiting for? Get beered now!