November’s Games with Gold have been announced, and one of those titles is sounding particularly juicy.

Starting on November 1st, Xbox Live Gold subscribers will be able to download DICE’s WW1 multiplayer shooter Battlefield 1. It’s a great shooter that I definitely didn’t purchase for myself extremely recently. Normally, it would cost you $39.99.

November 1st also brings with it the original Assassin’s Creed. It’s an oldie for sure, but it looks beautiful on Xbox One X as one of the few X-Enhanced backward compatible titles.

November 15th will give Gold users access to the second batch of November’s free games. First is Race the Sun, a small indie game that offers hours of replayability. It’s also very hard, but that could just be the games journalist in me talking.

Also on November 15th is Dante’s Inferno, the God-of-War-like third-person action game from EA. It’s brutal, visceral and has a whole load of not-subtle-at-all imagery.

Those are the games for November 2018’s Games with Gold. Which ones are you excited for?