BatteryZzz 2.0: Low Battery Alarm for Windows Mobile device

by Lilac
November 23, 2009

batteryzzz_screenshotArtelPlus has released a new version of BatteryZzz 2.0, an application warning a user with a sound signal of critical discharge and full charge of his Windows Mobile device battery.

Smartphone users much more often than the users of conventional mobile phones face the problem of low battery. Higher battery discharge rate on smartphones and Pocket PC in comparison with conventional mobile phones is a cause of inconvenience, especially when the battery level drops low when it is needed the most. This prevents the users from efficient use of their Windows Mobile devices.

BatteryZzz allows you to simply and effectively solve this problem, reminding you with a sound signal to charge your Pocket PC at the right time. Unlike other PDA battery utilities, which just indicate the battery status on the screen, the main advantage of BatteryZzz is that the low battery warning sound easily attracts attention, so there is no need for continuous regular monitoring of the battery indicator on the PDA screen. 

"It is similar to waking up with an alarm clock sound instead of waking up every hour and watching at the clock." 

Another unique feature of BatteryZzz is that a user gets a notification sound upon completion of the battery recharge. This will not only save your time but also save your battery charger from overheating.

BatteryZzz 2.0 features include:

  • a new interface with modern design and convenient thumb navigation;

  • option to set the battery discharge level when the alarm is to go off;

  • option to set the interval between low battery notifications (also, this interval can automatically shorten if the battery power drops below a specified level);

  • an option to play an alarm warning upon completion of the battery charge only once and/or automatically switch to silent mode at night;

  • an option to set any sound or melody of your choice as the full charge or low battery alerts;

  • efficiency – BatteryZzz is a "lightweight" application, it does not affect your smartphone performance and practically has no effect on the battery’s discharge rate.

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