Developer Submission: Announcing WinRuler – the app designed to replace the humble tape measure!


29, 2016

Hey all,

I’m Callum Moffat, the creator of Petrolhead, a vehicle management app for Windows 10. Today, I’m proud to announce the release of WinRuler, an app designed to replace the humble tape measure! Now, the tape measure is an extremely useful tool, but it’s not one most people carry around. If you suddenly need to take a measurement, you often need to borrow one from someone else. What if your Windows 10 could do that job instead? If that’s something you’d use, then look no further!

NOTE: Due to limitations in geolocation technology, WinRuler is accurate for measurements of approximately 3 feet (1 meter) or higher.

WinRuler provides an easy, fun user interface, designed to make it easy to take measurements.

Best of all, WinRuler is available absolutely free of charge (albeit with in-app advertising).

If you’d like to download WinRuler today, use this link:

Price: Free



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