Azure Spring Cloud Enterprise Public Preview, Now Available

February 22, 2022

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Azure Spring Cloud tier selection page
Enterprise is now available on Azure Spring Cloud tier selection.

Microsoft created a new Azure Spring Cloud tier, Enterprise, as an answer to those who seek modern features in speeding up their Spring modernization projects. Now, it is available in preview, and it could offer all the perfect capabilities that will entice all kinds of customers. 

Azure Spring Cloud Enterprise can be just the key in bumping up Spring’s power. It comes with all the essential features available in its Standard tier and commercially-supported Spring runtime components to give enterprise customers a better shipping process and higher productivity. Here are the highlights you should know about it:

  • It uses open-source Cloud Native Buildpacks and commercial VMware Tanzu Buildpacks to automate the management and container creation at an enterprise scale. Moreover, the Tanzu Build Service manageable in Azure Spring Cloud Enterprise offers abstraction at a higher level for app building. Apart from building Spring applications and polyglot applications, you can also choose what Buildpacks to use. Together with application performance monitoring agent configuration, the Tanzu Buildpacks lets easier building of Python, NodeJS, Go, Spring, Java, and .NET Core applications.
  • Spring Cloud Gateway for Tanzu directs client requests to applications in Azure Spring Cloud, Azure, and/or on-premises. Together with the API portal for VMware Tanzu, it will effectively let you see and manage request routes and APIs. It also addresses cross-cutting considerations for applications behind the Gateway, including routing, caching, monitoring, securing, resiliency, rate limiting, and hiding applications. Moreover, it is possible to configure dynamic routing rules to applications without application redeployment, request throttling without any backing services, and single sign-on integration with your preferred identity provider without any additional code.
  • It lets you manage VMware Tanzu components on Azure, and you can choose the component to apply in Enterprise instance creation. These components will also give power to customers to expand enterprise-grade application portfolio, lift and shift Spring applications across Azure Spring Cloud, deploy polyglot applications and Spring Cloud middleware components, and control build dependencies. Furthermore, Microsoft and VMware promise to include more enterprise-grade features over time. 
  • Access to Spring experts will let users optimize the Spring ecosystem and enjoy faster application deployment and development. This roots from the provided VMware Spring Runtime Support. Even more, the Spring project minor releases get a 24-month minimum commercial support from the date of initial release through the VMware Spring Runtime Support entitlement.
  • It is familiar and still provides the same advantages offered by Azure and the Java ecosystem since the Enterprise tier runs on Azure in a fully managed environment.

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