AVG Security Suite will scam your Windows Phone for malware in pictures and music

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AVG has released a free application which will supposedly protect Windows Phone 7 users from malicious malware.  This of course presents two problems – 1) Windows Phone is not Android and 2) Windows Phone is not Android.

Regarding the first issue, there is no viruses or other malware for Windows Phone 7  (unlike the festering hellhole which is Android) and secondly, 3rd party applications like AVG Security Suite does not have the deep access to scan other applications on Windows Phone 7 in any case, meaning even if their was viruses the app could not find them.

In fact the app goes about scanning music and pictures, not really well-known vectors for malware on Windows Phone 7.

Which brings us to the title, which is not a typo – sounds a bit like a scam, doesn’t it?

At least its free, and if having a useless application on your phone rocks your boat it can be downloaded from Marketplace here.

Thanks Chirag for the tip.