Microsoft releases August firmware update for Surface Duo and Duo 2

August 14, 2022

Microsoft has released an August 2022 firmware update for Surface Duo and Duo 2 devices to introduce the latest Android security patch and a few other exciting things.

The latest version of the firmware adds device stability improvements besides the latest security patches. For Surface Duo 2 devices, the new firmware is also carrying improvements to video quality during video calls. As you would expect, you do not get any new features. You can learn more about these changes in the official changelog below.

Surface Duo August firmware update changelog

Surface Duo August firmware

Surface Duo 2 August firmware update changelog

Surface Duo 2 firmware update

As you may know, these firmware updates are rolled out in stages, which means not all Surface Duo, and Duo 2 devices will be updated at the same time. However, the latest version of the firmware will eventually be delivered to all Surface devices. But before you go ahead and download it, here are three things that you should be careful about:

  1. Software updates can’t be uninstalled or reverted to an earlier version.
  2. When you install the latest update, you’ll also get all the previous updates if your Surface doesn’t have them already. Only updates that apply to Surface Duo will be downloaded and installed.
  3. After the updates are installed, tap Restart now.

If you own a Surface Duo or Duo 2, have you received the update? If yes, you can share your experience in the comments section about what you think about the latest firmware.

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