Atmosphere – A beautiful, modern weather app

Atmosphere is an advanced weather app with a beautiful, user-friendly interface. It displays weather data in an extremely readable and modern  interface by using graphs and typography to display the forecast. It also provides features such as ultra-responsive radar that does not require reloading, allowing the user to quickly and accurately view storms across the country without waiting for the radar to respond or load – it just works. Atmosphere’s data comes from, an extremely accurate and reputable data source known for it’s extremely accurate and down-to-the-minute forecasting.

Top Features:QRCode

  • Weather Radar
  • Beautiful Live Tile
  • Simple interface with advanced features
  • Weather graphs such as the sunrise and sunset indicators.
  • Multiple locations
  • Themes in settings
  • HD Lockscreen Support
  • Quick loading
  • Down to the precent precipitation chances
  • 7-Day weekly forecast, 7-hour hourly forecast
  • Location services
  • Minute-by-minute forecast during storms

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Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 Compatible