Apple Music hits the web this week

Apple is launching Apple Music on the web today to let its subscribers carry their music anywhere. The move comes just shortly before Apple is expected to launch its Apple TV subscription later this year.

Apple already offers Apple Music on all platforms, with Windows having access via the iTunes app and ChromeOS via the Apple Music Android app. However, the firm is tailoring this app to work on all platforms so users would have the same experience no matter what they’re using.
It’s not an uncommon tactic. Microsoft offered a web interface for Groove, and Spotify as well as Google both have web interfaces for their own streaming services. With this app, you’ll use a version of the music app that’s similar to what Apple currently offers on the beta of macOS Catalina. All features are there aside from offline support for obvious reasons. It’ll work on all major browsers and operating systems, so even Linux users can get in on the action.

Apple has been building up Apple Music as another thing to lure users over tpo its devices. After all, the easier Apple can get you hooked on its services, the faster it’ll get you to buy a new iPhone.

Via: TechCrunch

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